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Family Law

Family Law / Divorce

family law

Family law matters are often accompanied by difficult emotions and life-changing decisions. And, because of that it may be difficult to make the decisions that are best for you and your family. Retaining an attorney who understands what you are going through and who will present the legal and procedural issues is such a way that you can make informed decisions is often critical to the outcome of legal cases involving the family. The Peninsula Law Group’s attorneys have the compassion and legal knowledge to help you make sound decisions.

Our Mountain View law firm is committed to providing you with the expertise necessary to meet all of your family law needs. We pride ourselves on offering professional attention to every case, no matter how big or small. In family law, there are no small matters. Each matter is important to our client. As well, we strive to build trust and confidence in our clients so that they are not intimidated by the legal process. At Peninsula Law Group, our clients come first. Our team of attorneys is energetic, responsible, zealously protect our clients, and take their job very seriously.

Our practice covers all aspects of family law, including:

Uncontested matters, contested matters, divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, visitation orders, nullity, legal separations, domestic violence, restraining orders, and paternity. No matter which of these issues you are dealing with, they are never easy. We understand the strain and pressure that these matters put on our clients. During your case with Peninsula Law Group, APLC, you will be kept up to date on your case. We strive to make sure that each of our clients have complete access to his or her attorney. We strive for perfection, yet have reasonable rates for our clients.

We have over 15 years of legal experience at your disposal. We will represent you zealously and vigorously to protect your rights. However, we also can be facilitators if your case is uncontested. We are very successful at reaching agreements, if there is no reason to fight.

Contact us today and speak to one of our legal experts. We are available for same day, weekend and evening appointments. We offer free initial consultations.


Divorce, annulment and legal separation are the three ways to end a domestic partnership in the State of California. When a couple faces the end to a marriage, conflict and turmoil are often involved, and frequently the decisions to be made are unwanted and unexpected. This can make it difficult to rationally protect yourself and plan for the future. The situation can be even more heart wrenching when children are involved. A separation or divorce impacts a family’s children in a variety of ways. The Peninsula law Group cares about the impact family conflict has on children and has a network of professionals to recommend if emotional or psychological assistance would help.

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Child Support

In the State of California, child support is calculated by specific guidelines that include the parent’s income, the children’s health care needs, the amount of time the children spend with each parent, the number of children that need to be supported and who claims the children as dependents. The Peninsula Law Group uses the same child support software that the California Court judges use, so we know what to expect. You need an attorney who understands the state’s guidelines, the exemptions. You deserve a lawyer who will fight for your rights and care about the well-being of your children.

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Child Visitation

The separation of parents brings the question of visitation rights. Who has the right to spend time with children? This is often referred to as parenting time. Parents, grandparents and other relatives may become concerned about their rights. When conflict exists regarding child visitation, the California State Family Courts take into account what is in the best interests of the children. The Peninsula Law Group will fight for your rights to attain or restrict visitation. It is best to work with an attorney who not only knows the laws, but also the preferences of family law judges and family court system representatives. Peninsula Law Group has that knowledge.

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Child Custody

California Family Courts take into account what is in the best interests of the children in child custody cases as in visitation rights. The courts consider the children’s welfare, education and health care. The children’s welfare may include consideration of their friendship circle and extra-curricular activities. The person who is awarded legal custody has the sole right to make these decisions. Sometimes this is shared. Children live with the person who is awarded physical custody, and this may or may not include legal custody. In other words, child custody issues are very complex and in a hostile divorce a parent may decide to litigate. The attorneys at The Peninsula Law Group have the knowledge and skill to resolve custody issues through mediation and the ability to go to court to defend your rights at trial.

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Spousal Support

There are many factors affecting spousal support, often referred to as alimony, or domestic partner support. After a legal separation or divorce, the court may, or may not, order one domestic partner or spouse to pay the other support on a monthly basis. The legal issues of spousal and partner support are difficult and can vary slightly by the county where the case is filed and there can be tax implications as well. You will benefit from retaining an attorney who understands not only your financial needs or rights, but also the specific procedures to attain what you need. This includes knowledge of the family court required calculations for support.

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Complex Property Division

When multiple properties and other assets including stocks, stock options, business valuations, vacation shares, pensions and retirement plans are involved in a divorce it is often referred to as a complex property divorce. High-net-worth individuals need the representation of an attorney who has access to other professionals including accountants (in some cases forensic accountants), QUADRO attorneys, tax professionals and financial planners to ensure and manage an equitable distribution of assets. The attorneys at The Peninsula Law Group can advise you and help you understand this type of property division.

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Temporary Restraining Orders

When you are being threatened, stalked, beaten or injured by another person, it is hard to know what to do. The first thing you need to understand is that when you are a victim, it is not your fault. No change in your behavior in that relationship can make another person stop threatening you or abusing you. In the State of California, restraining orders can be sought from the court to help you free yourself of the abuse. This is also called a protection order. The court may issue an order to protect you from an individual or group of individuals for a specified period of time. Once a protective order is in place, if it is violated by the person or people restrained, a criminal charge can be levied and the person or group can be incarcerated. If you need protection, you need an attorney to help you. Once your protective order is in place, the restricted person cannot contact you in any way including calls, messages (including electronic messages), stalk, physically attack, threaten, sexually assault, or harass you. Also, they cannot destroy your property or disturb your peace. Your protection extends to your home, work, child care facilities, schools and any other place you go. For compassionate legal assistance, call The Peninsula Law Group and begin an abuse-free life.

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Domestic Violence

Are you experiencing violence toward you in a domestic setting or a personal relationship? Then, your legal rights are being violated. Domestic violence encompasses many types of unwanted behaviors from someone with whom you have, or have had a personal relationship with, including, spouses, relatives, and domestic partners, parents, as wells as someone you dated, live with or have lived with, or who is closely related.

If you are being constantly pestered, annoyed, caused to have fear, as well as experienced physical violence including unwanted sexual contact, you are a victim of domestic violence and you need a lawyer to protect and advise you. Also included domestic violence behaviors are stalking or controlling your freedom of movement such as controlling when or where you come or go. Constant verbal and psychological attacks are also considered domestic violence. If you are the target of domestic violence you don’t have to live that way. Laws are in place to help you. The Peninsula Law Group can protect you legally and refer you to programs that can help you recover from the trauma you experienced.

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Palimony (or a “Marvin” case) is commonly thought to be a form of alimony or “domestic partner support” assigned to common law marriage. However, the State of California does not recognize common law marriages as a legal marriage, unless you had a legal common law marriage in another state where such unions are recognized as legal. Support of a domestic partner by one partner by another must be proven by a publicly known verbal contract or a registered civil contract.

Although the history of California “palimony” law did not really start with Marvin v. Marvin (1976) 18 Cal.3d 660, that famous case is the best example to have an understanding of palimony. In Marvin, the plaintiff, Michelle Marvin, alleged that she and Lee Marvin entered into an oral agreement which provided that while “the parties lived together they would combine their efforts and earnings and would share equally any and all property accumulated as a result of their efforts whether individual or combined.” The parties allegedly further agreed that Michelle would “render her services as a companion, homemaker, housekeeper and cook.” The Supreme Court made new law, as it held that in the absence of an express agreement the plaintiff might be able to establish an implied contract or implied partnership, and might be able to invoke such remedies as constructive trust, resulting trust, and quantum meruit. The bottom line is that if you are in an unregistered domestic relationship, protect yourself. Call for the legal advice, we may be able to help you collect a form of spousal support and/or your property interests through a Marvin action.

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